Sketchbook habits

Every artist has them. Some draw on both sides of the paper, others don’t. Some tear out every page of the sketchbook until it’s a cover and a back, some treasure every wholesome piece. Some use sketchbooks only for planning, others use them to bring ideas into full fruition.

My sketchbook habits have been the same since college. I buy Strathmore, recycled, 9 x 12. Before I do anything, on the inside cover, I write the date that the book was started. Then, on the cover I put stickers, so I can ID the sketchbook on site. If I have time, I’ll even collage the cover. I then rip out the first two pages and throw them away, because it’s become a ritual for me that the first two drawings in my sketchbooks will suck, so if I just rip the paper out to begin with, I forgo having those two sucky drawings. Yeah, I dunno either. I also tear pages out of my sketchbook like crazy, because I will do finals in the sketchbook. Even though I’ve been told a million times not to. I can’t help it, I like the teeth on the Strathmore paper.

I bring this up, because starting this week, I have a new sketchbook. That isn’t a Strathmore. What’s more, its smaller. And hardback. I bought a Moleskine. Strathmore is next to impossible to find here in Japan, so I thought I would get something more portable and sturdy. Something I can take around with me and use when I’m on the go, because the 9 x 12 book doesn’t really lend itself well to traveling. We’ll see how this little Moleskine experiment goes, I suppose. I’ve bought them before, in the much cheaper paperback versions, and have had varying experiences with them. The one I purchased this time is for sketching, specifically, and the paper is much thicker. But because it is a bound book, I’m having to go against my set sketchbook habits. Hopefully, this is a good thing. I’m looking forward to experimenting in this new format.

Please share some of your sketchbook habits in the comments. I love to read about what others do with theirs.

Sorry this week’s entry was a short one. I am hella sick, and sitting up and focusing on typing is kind of the last thing I want to do right now ^^;;



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