To Do My Dear

Last week I gave a general outline of my plans for the rest of the year, but as I’ve said time and time again, I do have the habit of putting the cart before the horse. So this week, I’m breaking down what steps I will take presently (the next two weeks or so ish).

  1. Make a patterned banner for Social Media things
  2. New icon for Social Media things
  3. Footer illustration
  4. Sketch out next illustration
  5. Do commission samples
  6. Open commissions
  7. New level sheet
  8. Reread previously written plot points for story I may start to work on
  9. Work on new outline of said story
  10. Finish cleaning out room
  11. Gather all art supplies to be moved into the studio

And that should keep me busy for the next few days. And I’m posting it up on here, as always, for accountability purposes. Keep the pressure on me, everyone! That way I’ll get this done and will be able to move onto the next!

The Art of Housekeeping Art

It’s almost May now. We’ve started the three month countdown to when I will be back in the states, and actively seeking artist work. Because of this, I’m starting the search now, and I’ve run into a few issues when applying for things. Mainly, I have to give them a specific page for my illustration portfolio, instead of just a straight up address, because I want them to see my work, and not my blog first. Which is fine, unless it’s someone who’s looking for both comic and illustration examples, because SURPRISE! it’s two different pages on my site. And that’s not as streamlined as I want it to be. I spent an hour or so yesterday looking at sites of artists that I admire, and while I like the straight to blog idea for sites, I understand the need to get straight to the art as well. I guess I will hook my site back up to Tumblr, and have the blog posts go to there and here, and ulgh! CHOICES!

Not only that, but I haven’t updated my portfolio page since… November? I need to get on this. And not only that, but there’s a consistant problem with my portfiolio– backgrounds, which are things I love to work on, haven’t really been represented in anything new I’ve done. I’ve been background lazy because here in Japan I’m without my usual arsenal of perspective tools. I really should be playing that up in my portolfio, because it’s something that I actually love to do and wouldn’t mind getting work for (note the perspective nerd glasses I had on during the redraw).

I spent my last four day weekend sketching and prepping a new painting to work on this next four day weekend (Sunday’s sketch), but I’m now putting myself to task to get this portfolio and navigation problem solved during this week, and if it spills into the weekend, so be it. This is important stuff that I have to solve, and quickly.

To keep myself accountable, here’s my to-do list. And I’m setting a May 11th deadline on this:

  1. Change front page to my portfolio. Period. Move the blog to a secondary page, and get over it.
  2. Update the portfolio. Get the stuff that is super old OUT. Get the pieces that aren’t strong OUT. Get it down to 10 pieces!
  3. Sketch out a header because omg Aja it’s been like two months since you said you’d put one up omg.
  4. Add contact info to all the pages (this will coincide with the header)
  5. Update About Page
  6. Take down the tutorial page for now, start writing down ideas for tutorials to do when I return back to the states (or sooner!)

I’ve also been contemplating putting my stuff back on DA. I’m still not sure though. I like Tumblr’s format a lot better and there are things about DA that still give me a bad taste in my mouth. But at the moment, I have two Tumblrs, a personal one and an art one. Should I combine them? The idea before in separating them was so that people didn’t have to see my billions of Marvel shipping reblogs, but is that really a problem now? I’m following so many comic pros, and well they post pro and personal (fandom) things. CHOICES! If I do combine them, I’ll have to do a LOT of editing on my main account. SO MUCH DELETING.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Things are going to be shifting quickly. I’m going to have to put my professional hat on and stop spazzing out (as much) online, I guess.

If you didn’t notice, Sunday started the new posting schedule! it will be as follows:

Sketch Sunday
Writing Wednesday
Free Friday?? … Yeah it’s kind of lame, I’m working on it… how about Fascinating Fridays?

So please check out all the new pretty sketches that will be posted on Sundays. Eventually, probably once I’m back in the States, Saturdays and Sundays might be events (like going back to the livestreaming on the weekends like I did two years ago), but my laptop here can’t manage the new livestream format.