Process: ALE-vent Calendar

Ale-vent CalendarSo in the month long hiatus, a lot of things happened. In my last post, I mentioned my new job, which is still keeping me busy. But then there was also a few secret projects thrown in the mix during the end of October, and entire month of November, some of which I can’t share just yet. I may have also been introduced to Dragon Age: Origins, and put a shameful amount of hours into within two weeks. And yes, I am sure Alistair art is coming. Count on it.

This is one of the projects that I can talk about (Hooray!). About two weeks ago, a friend of mine approached me with the idea of making an advent calendar, with beer– hence, the ALE-vent calendar. While I’m not a beer drinker, I really liked the idea. After a long conversation on what the advent calendar’s illustration would become, we agreed on an old-time-y illustration something in the vein of Art Nouveau– which could be argued has been played out recently, but sue me, I’ve been an admirer of the style since I got into art and have been a Mucha fangirl for many, many years.

I was so into the idea of the calendar, that I also offered to help assemble the three boxes of beer into their advent-ness? (is that a word??) My friend did most of the leg work for gathering materials and taking measurements, but he wasn’t sure how it would work or how we would go about preparing it– so that’s where my old 3-D art classes came in handy!



So before starting anything, I gathered all of my materials and made precise mock-ups of how the top would fit on the boxes.


And when gathering the materials, that meant also gathering the beer. There was so much beer…


Because this was an ambitious project that took a bunch of space up, no inch of space was spared, including my bed, when we were in the processes of printing and testing how things would work. The illustration was printed out on large Bristol paper, which, when double layered with the template paper for cutting the openings, I thought would be strong enough.


A final print mock-up measurement sheet of where the tabs would be cut was measured out and triple checked.


We attached the illustrations on the Bristol paper to the paper with the cutting template using a spray adhesive. Since the boxes needed to hold for a bit, not to mention cutting with an x-acto knife, the glue was spayed twice, and allowed to get tacky before we attach it. Then it was time to cut out the boxes for the beer!


Everything all cut and ready to go on top of the box!


The tops were then taped down to the box, and then wrapped around the sides in wrapping paper. Since I am awful when it comes to wrapping things, that was left to much more capable people. (Seriously, never ask me to wrap any presents– you will be disappointed).


And here’s the final product, with the sampling of beer for the first night of the Ale-vent!

Happy Birthday! is officially one year old today! Wooo!

Although thinking about the fact that I’ve been using WordPress for a full year now and I’m only just now understanding just how powerful it is, and what you can do with it, kind of boggles my mind…

A lot has happened in the past year, both personally and artistically. I’ve remained in Japan, somehow overcoming both a Japanese Summer and Winter (not easy feats!); completed two drawing boot-camps, so to speak, and am now treading a life-changing art challenge; finally learned to draw 100% digital on my tablet; made progress in developing my own style and my own sense of self in my art; made some kick-ass friends… it’s been great. I hope to continue to grow exponentially in the next year. The next few months will be perilous indeed, with me preparing to return to the states, and to bust into freelance illustration once I’m home–but I’m looking forward to the challenge. And of course, I fully intend to share the journey with you all. That’s the fun part, right?

Looking back on the past year’s entries, let me know what you’ve liked, what you haven’t liked, what you want to see more of, or just what you want to see in general. My ears are open. (Ew, that sounds gross…)

It’s warming to my heart to see all of the recent support coming in along with the illoLifeRPG project. I love all of you! Let’s have an awesome second year together! Look forward to some facelifts, revamps, and more content than you can shake a stick at. (Why you would be wanting to be shaking a stick at content, is beyond me, but you know what I mean ^^;;)


Massive Illustration and Sketch Dump!

THINGS! DRAWINGS! I was supposed to have this posted last week, but during the weekend, I was really pushing through some things story and art wise, and instead of stopping that flow, I decided to postpone this post until now. An update to the illustration section is next, but that might have to wait until this weekend. We will see how things go work wise for me, as I do not want to put too many things in the way of getting this story planned out. Right now, the schedule is to have three chapters (and the outline of all 12 chapters) done by the end of this month. It’s been so long since I’ve written anything for the comics format, this will take a little while to kick myself into doing I’m sure T^T


SHPMA Concept Art (there will be a lot of this in the future)





And some illustration stuff I’ve finished recently, but haven’t had a chance to add to the gallery… all Avengers related things. I’m sorry. I really like the Avengers ;_;

Illustration for the fic, Ghost in the Wires
Western AU Reverse Big Bang illustration as it is my new goal in life to just draw Marvel characters as cowboys apparently.
A cowboy Obie. Because… why not?