Inktober At A Glance

Inktober at a Glance

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know, I’m not dead– just things have been crazy since I started my new job. After this week, I should be able to have a handle on things to go back to weekly posts. Until then, have a gander at some of my Inktober creations that I’ve been doodling. I’m behind by a few days, but considering how busy I’ve been, that’s actually really good. If you want to follow my Inktober stuff in real time, catch me on the Twitter where I post the illustrations nightly.

we are SLAYERS

IMG_1731While I did start packing today (I swear!), I watched some Slayers between boxes. When it came time to sit down and sketch today, it was still on (because once I start watching Slayers, I don’t stopit’s impossible), I decided to open my new Copic set, and draw my two favorite ladies. Yes, I bought a Copic set last week. I resisted for two years, but the EX-6 set had too many colors that I know I would use, and it was $20 cheaper to get it here rather than wait until I get home. So, yep, these two sketches were done with only 12 colors– once again showing that it’s not how many Copics you have, but it’s how you use them :) The only thing EX-6 is missing is a good skin color, so I kind of had to leave their skin blank ;_; I’ll be so glad to have all my markers when I get home (she says after just saying that a limited palette of markers is better…)



Whenever I am told that my art style is “super cute” I think of things like this and ask myself “Is it really?” because I am capable of drawing some creepy stuff. I used to challenge myself to creep out my professors in school ^^;;

It was inevitable that I do something for Hannibal after watching the first season. The Wendigo freaks me out, ergo I had to draw it and make it more freakish. Eventually I’ll do something more. I have been playing with the idea of doing episode summary comics, or illustration for each episode (like a title card poster thing).