Blinded Steve

blinded but now I seeAnother secret project that I can now share! It’s that time of the year again for the Cap/Iron Man Big Bang, and instead of writing a story this year, I opted to do art for a story. The story was Blinded, But Now I See, which was a story about Cap going blind and having to cope with it.

As I read it, this idea of Steve with his eyes being replaced with torn paper, to represent his blindness, came to me, and I just rolled with it. Using actual torn paper, instead of trying to fake it, was essential– as when you fake that kind of rip, it looks awful. Ripping bristol paper just so it is the precise width was more difficult than you would think!

I used a different approach than normal for my paintings for this illustration. After the draft was approved by the author, I decided that I wanted to make this an inkwash, and attempt to do something with color (albeit lightly) in trying to emulate the style that Wylie Beckert does for her amazing graphite drawings.

My results were mixed. I went too dark with my washes, so I didn’t get the outcome I was hoping for, but there was an interesting texture created when I used the oil pastel brush in Photoshop. Wylie recently released a YouTube video of her process (which everyone should stop what they are doing and watch NOW), which gives me a better understanding on how she paints over grayscale stuff, and I will have to try it again in the near future.



Inktober At A Glance

Inktober at a Glance

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know, I’m not dead– just things have been crazy since I started my new job. After this week, I should be able to have a handle on things to go back to weekly posts. Until then, have a gander at some of my Inktober creations that I’ve been doodling. I’m behind by a few days, but considering how busy I’ve been, that’s actually really good. If you want to follow my Inktober stuff in real time, catch me on the Twitter where I post the illustrations nightly.

Tearing Parts of Me and You – Process Write-up

My watercolor arsenal.
My watercolor arsenal.

I’ve had a few private emails asking me about my painting process, so I thought I would do a write-up on my newest piece, which was mostly an ink wash, but I take the same approach when I do watercolors. So here we go!

My supplies have been gathered from years of trying different things. My brushes especially are a hodgepodge of brushes I bought in school (yes, if you get good brushes and take care of them you can use them for a loooong time), came from recommendations of friends, or were just really good deals online that I couldn’t say no to and ended up being a really good brush. My paper is a paper I bought here in Japan. This project was my first time using it, and I really liked it. It’s also the first time I’ve gotten watercolor paper on a block before, so it makes me feel very fancy! The ink is Maxon Comic Ink Black waterproof ink. When doing ink washes, it’s important that you make sure your ink is waterproof. But don’t always trust that if it says waterproof, that it actually is waterproof. You need to test it out on your own!

My main brushes are a Winsor & Newton Series 7 #5 (I have two, actually— one for inks only and one for watercolor only… I’ve had too many black inks leak into yellow paint >.>), an Escoda Prado #10, and a niiiiiice DickBlick brand Kolinsky Round #8 brush that is slowly becoming my favorite. With washes like this, my sumi-e brush gets used a lot too. I also keep frisket, a spritzer, and a huge wash brush handy at all times. There’s also a hairdryer, but with the effect I wanted for this painting, I used it sparingly. For a more wet look, sadly you can’t use the hairdryer that much– which means a lot of sitting and waiting for the painting to dry.

Because I don’t have a light-box here in Japan, after I finalized my sketch, I taped it, and my piece of watercolor paper to a window and used the olde sun as my light-box, careful to not press hard with my pencil.


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Massive Illustration and Sketch Dump!

THINGS! DRAWINGS! I was supposed to have this posted last week, but during the weekend, I was really pushing through some things story and art wise, and instead of stopping that flow, I decided to postpone this post until now. An update to the illustration section is next, but that might have to wait until this weekend. We will see how things go work wise for me, as I do not want to put too many things in the way of getting this story planned out. Right now, the schedule is to have three chapters (and the outline of all 12 chapters) done by the end of this month. It’s been so long since I’ve written anything for the comics format, this will take a little while to kick myself into doing I’m sure T^T


SHPMA Concept Art (there will be a lot of this in the future)





And some illustration stuff I’ve finished recently, but haven’t had a chance to add to the gallery… all Avengers related things. I’m sorry. I really like the Avengers ;_;

Illustration for the fic, Ghost in the Wires
Western AU Reverse Big Bang illustration as it is my new goal in life to just draw Marvel characters as cowboys apparently.
A cowboy Obie. Because… why not?