Resources Roundup #2: Electric Boogaloo (of random)

I’m running behind on my writing this week, as I have been laid up for the last few days with mysterious stomach pains. I got an ultrasound today, and I’ll find out if anything is wrong tomorrow. Sounds ominous, but the lady who gave me the ultrasound told me frankly, if there was something terrible, she’d let me know she was going to call my doctor immediately. So that’s a plus. Doc thinks it might be my gallbladder, but sent me into get tests to double check. I’m sure you want to know all this delightful health stuff!

Anyway, because of this, I haven’t really gotten a good draft of a new writing topic, so here’s a resource list (it’s been so long since I made one!) of some articles/sites that I’ve read recently and were really helpful for the art things in my life right now.

How to Bounce Back After Burning Out
Because we’ve all done it, and while it’s better to identify the problem before it happens, most of the time we can’t until we are already smack dab in the middle of burn out. This article will explain the warning signs, and what to do after it sets in. Very helpful, as I tend to stress myself out too frequently…

Illustration Friday
Okay so I might be the only person who hadn’t heard of this challenge. If you are unfamiliar with it, a new challenge is cast every Friday. Usually it’s just a word to get your old artist noggin to start thinking about things. For people like me, who need some inspiration before starting a piece, this is just the ticket.

Sheilah Beckett: A Fairy Tale Career
A nice career review of one of my favorite female artists, Sheilah Beckett. This article goes incredibly in-depth of Beckett’s career and shows the range of work she did throughout her life-long career. Keep an eye out for her fairytale style work. It’s gorgeous.

Plan an Ergonomic Workstation
I’m still in the planning stages of the art studio (don’t ask), so I’ve been reading up on ergonomic set ups. Chances are, the art studio is going to have a standing computer desk, with my art stool as a chair if needed. Hopefully, next week things I can move forward with my plans.

Marinara Timer
While I don’t use the Marinara Timer, I use the Pomodoro Timer that is also available on this site (under Timers). The technique is simple: work for 25 minutes, take a five minute break. Repeat four times, but on the last round, take a fifteen minute break instead. I’ve used this method of working for a long time, although I didn’t know there was a name for it! I always used episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 as a timer, as the shows roughly are broken down in those periods– but a lot of the time I don’t break like I should. Having a timer that chimes to tell me to stop working is very nice indeed because I listen to the chime! I used this technique last week in drawing, and it was the first time in a long time I didn’t have shoulder, back, and hand cramps after a looooong drawing session, because I got up every break and used my five minutes for stretching and jumping jacks.

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