To Do My Dear

Last week I gave a general outline of my plans for the rest of the year, but as I’ve said time and time again, I do have the habit of putting the cart before the horse. So this week, I’m breaking down what steps I will take presently (the next two weeks or so ish).

  1. Make a patterned banner for Social Media things
  2. New icon for Social Media things
  3. Footer illustration
  4. Sketch out next illustration
  5. Do commission samples
  6. Open commissions
  7. New level sheet
  8. Reread previously written plot points for story I may start to work on
  9. Work on new outline of said story
  10. Finish cleaning out room
  11. Gather all art supplies to be moved into the studio

And that should keep me busy for the next few days. And I’m posting it up on here, as always, for accountability purposes. Keep the pressure on me, everyone! That way I’ll get this done and will be able to move onto the next!

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