The Patience of Virtue

Well here we go! After what seems like months of being in limbo, is finally up and running! I’m actually running this entire site using WordPress, which is a first for me. I’ve been trying to learn WP for years, and it’s always been really daunting eraiyahfor me. Anyone who has followed me for any amount of time, knows that I am pretty literate with HTML language. I’ve been making my own website formats for, well, over ten years is all I will admit. I’ve learned html, shtml, and some css and div stuff– but still WP boggles my mind. I think it’s because of things that I know the code for when typing by hand, is really hard to figure out how to do in WP.

It’s all php things that go right over my head and I spend hours trying to figure out how to do something that would take me two seconds in html. BUT I AM TRYING MY BEST. For now, please be patient with my very bare bones format until I figure out customization. I’m going through WP lessons online right now, so hopefully it won’t take me too long to get a hold of it. It’s like I’m in my computer class in high school all over again!

I felt a twinge of sadness when I closed the host account today. The URL will redirect you here, so please update your bookmarks!

My goal is to update this blog twice a week. I’m aiming for Mondays and Thursdays, but I’m not sure yet. My schedule at work is about to change at the end of this month, and then I’ll be able to make a solid schedule. I’ll be writing about art ennui, movie storytelling and visuals, things that inspire me artistically, Japan insanity, and, of course, the big announcement– THE WEBCOMIC. Yep. It’s finally happening. I’m only in the planning stages at the moment, but my goal is to have a webcomic ready for launch by the end of the year! I’ve been wanting to draw this comic for years and now I am finally ready to jump in and do it. So please join me in all the hair pulling, all-nighter, coffee driven insomnia comic making in the following months! I’ll explain my process and techniques when it comes to writing, character design, page composition, post, you know– all that good stuff! So, welcome! And please excuse the dust for a little while ^_^

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